View Full Version : 5. You Lied

  1. Pullin' up the covers
  2. untrue feelings
  3. Who is that voice?
  4. the age old question...
  5. I think there is a hidden message in this song too...
  6. Who plays the other guitar?
  7. Voice Effect
  8. Best vocal performance ever.
  9. heard this song before i ever did
  10. We did lie.
  11. Subtlties
  12. new feeling
  13. orgasmic riffing.
  14. what are the odds they will play this again?
  15. Underrated Song
  16. What Awesome Song!
  17. what exactly does this phrase mean, in your opinion
  18. I'm covering this song, anyone want to do the vocals??
  19. Not Ready for this One
  20. the brain lies?
  21. sway with me, swaaaay me~
  22. It's been so long.