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09-03-2004, 10:01 AM
First,cheers to all...I've been wandering a long time in this forum,and I'm quite impressed by all the thoughts,researches,and analysis all of you have made...

Since this is my first post here,please don't flame me if I say bullshit...

Just wanted to say that this song affects me a lot in a way I don't understand...This repetitive rythm on the main riff,the vocals,put me in a kind of mesmerized state,and I extract from it with a lot of difficulty...

Since today,this song has another meaning,makes me feel different.
I just learned today that one of my best pals is on drug since quite a long time.
I heard it from my sister,and then,when I came back at home,in the tube,I had this song in the ears,and it didn't produce what it does usually...I wasn't hypnotized,all was perfectly clear,and it was a deep,deep sorrow,which gasped me,and made me cry out of control,just tears flowing,and huge pain in the chest..I almost fainted.
I swear I'm not a sissy or a weakling,but this was too painful,I felt almost damaged...
By the end of the song,when maynard almost shout "you lied",all I was able to think of,was the treason that the Almighty Paranoid Motherfucker up there tricked me,He was the liar maynard speaks of.The way he sings this,his intensity in the voice,matched perfectly my feeling.

I mean,Tool always fascinated me,because I never succeded to understand them clearly,there where a lot of mysteries for me in there.But now I think I'm closer.

Pain is the engine and the source to knowledge,wisdom and all feelings.
What I want to ask,is anyone ever felt this about Tool,that a song became comprehensible after an event in your life?

,please be kind,since my english's not quite good,and don't shoot at me too much

09-21-2004, 01:31 AM
Yeah mate. I know how you feel. This song spoke to me quiet deeply after I broke up with my last girlfriend. Long story but it was a rather painful experience.

P.S. Don't worry bout your English dude. At least you try. IT seems a lot of the other English speakers have no idea what they're sayin and they can't express it as well as you do. Keep it up dude