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2007/08/11 - Hannover, Germany - M'era Luna Festival

stinkfist extended
46 & 2
Schism extended
rosetta stoned


If you have a review of the show, cool, post it. Everything that is not a show review will be deleted.

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Re: 2007/08/11 - Hannover, Germany - M'era Luna Festival

My first tool concert:

The lineup for this festival was so worse! I only listened to Dir en grey and Tool.

Dir en grey played for 1 hour and there were many songs from the newest album ,,The marrow of a bone''. The singer did a great job and i was stunned.

Then....HOURS AFTER GERMAN GOTHIC MUSIC....finally Tool. I stood in the 7th row, too f***ing close to Mr. Chancellor, i've seen everything little thing he played that night.

Sound: Bass-guitar was too loud and because of that Maynards vocals werent that present, but in my opinion the bass cant be loud enough :D . Execpt this one erverything was perfect, they nailed every song.

Vocals, drums and bass-guitar made variations in a few songs, beside the extended jams in Stinkfist, Schism, Rosetta stoned and Lateralus.

Im still so glad that they played Flood. When they played Vicarious there were some idiots in the crowd, who did some brutal pogo stuff and this had nothing to do with having fun or whatever (they looked like nazis, but im not sure).

I have one thought after all:

I have to see them again, someday!

Nochmal ein großes ,,Fickt euch!'' an diese nevenden Penner am Ende in der Crowd und ein dickes ,,Fickt die Polizei...dafür, dass ihr mich und die anderen hochgenommen habt.''

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Re: 2007/08/11 - Hannover, Germany - M'era Luna Festival

perfect show!

lateralus extended version was the best.adam had his pigtails again.i only payed 10 euros.can post pictures later.

btw: concert was in "hildesheim" not hannover.
I've now smoked enough pot to the point that I like all of my parents music...

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Re: 2007/08/11 - Hannover, Germany - M'era Luna Festival

3rd tool gig after rock am ring 06 and oberhausen in december last jear. it was a shorter set than the both other shows.
i`m glad that i went down to nürburg for my fourth time( and 1st tool show)...,cause that set which they played there was great!
"right in two" and "the pot" where the highlights which i`ve heard there. in oberhausen @ fall tour they played "wings" and "10kdays" ....my first show with lasers.... both shows the sound was great, ...no prob`s with maynard`s voice and also the band sounds great!

The M`era Luna was just a freak show,....i went down to hannover to pick up a girlfriend of mine ( ....and tool fan as well) and check in into this gothic freak show in hildesheim.only gig which was interesting before toll hit the stage at 22:45 where "dir en grey".
When tool hit the stage the sound was not as brilliant as at the two other gigs but quite well,...seems the band need some time to warm up,sound was better after the first songs.
i was glad to hear "flood",....nice to hear so old one`s ( swamp song in oberhausen as well)
they did a much better light & laser show as at rock am ring last jear!
It was nice to see the lasers during "lateralus(with the new ext. part) and "vicarious" at an open - air - show!!
i`m satisfied that i went down there, even it was as very short setlist, ...@ the ring they played more but that doesn`t really matter!
now i`m looking forward to the frankfurt gig next week....

`til that: "think for yourself, question authority!"


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