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Intension Lyrics and Justification

Please pardon me if this has been mentioned before, but here are my beliefs for the Intension lyrics.

"pure as we begin
here we have a stone
gather, place, -and raise so-
shelter turned to home."


"gather, place, [erase] so" hmm, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


erase, pronounced, E-race
also pronoucned, *ehh-race <
(*ehh, as in a sigh or suggestion, not as in a Canadian eh!)

okay, so gather, place, eh-race, so....
now, think of it as: gather, place, en race so

Spoken quickly, and can sound like both eh and en. "We did it and (en) we did it again." If said quickly. Hmm... So perhaps in Maynard's quick vocals, and is pronounced as en.

So now we have:
Gather, place, and race, so.

Raise, pronounced like, ra-AZE, or rr-AZE. Depending on a person's accent, Raise can sound like Raze, which can also be an alteration of the Race pronunciation.

Gather, place, and raise, so

Think about. I know I wasn't all too clear, but it fits.
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Re: Intension Lyrics and Justification

No, you certainly weren't.
I figure it's a story of humans chanting to find our old ways dead, returning to the higher perspective from whence we came.

Pure as we begin. (Before the fall)

Pure is we come in.

(Then we start dividing things, fearing strangers for no reason, forgetting oneness)

We chant this song, hence the textured vocal tracks, to return to God, ourselves.

Dos Pesos
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Re: Intension Lyrics and Justification

"pure as we begin
here we have a stone
gather, place, -and raise so-
shelter turned to home."

'Raise' makes sense.. you raise stones to make a shelter which when occupied in harmony becomes home..

Look at the progression.. Here we have A stone (single).. Gather, place and RAISE.. (many stones assembled and arranged to make the rudiments of a shelter from the elements or predators etc).. Shelter turns to home.. (culimination.. from single stone to home)

Also when taken in the context of the song.. where a stone can serve a positive function as a say construction material or an outlet for an artistic urge (rock paintings), a stone can also serve a negative function when seen in the later verses:

"Here we have a stone.. Throw to slay/ stay the stranger.."
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