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Shit the bed


entymology and usage: "shit the bed" comes from the unfortunate final humiliation when an animal's (yes, including human's) bowels completely relax at the point of death, causing the contents of the colon to be expelled.
"I was hoping that my car could be repaired, but the mechanic told me that it had shit the bed so I had it scrapped."


The utilization of the phrase varies by country.
1. (American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.
2. (British) Exclamation of surprised.

1. "My car shit the bed when the timing belt broke."
2. "The boss is back from vacation early!" "Shit the bed."


To screw up in a most splendid manner!

"BJ royally shit the bed on Monday when he left the brand new N64 controllers for his mother to mail!"
So... what's the deal with "Shit the bed"? How do you interpret it?
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Re: Shit the bed

i think its kinda litteral. thats just me though.
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Re: Shit the bed

He shit the bed on having a pen handy.
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