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Opiate + Undertow = 69?

This is clutching at straws in the extreme but has anyone ever thought that Opiate and Undertow together could have been meant to be a cycle of some sort? This is pretty silly (and most probably all bollocks) but bear with me.

For starters it’s not inconceivable that most of the songs on Undertow would have been written before Opiate was released; in fact it’s quite likely. My main reason for thinking that this Opiate + Undertow thing is a vague possibility is the number 69. I think that the 69 would have been put there for a reason, though the reason probably isn’t this. 69, if you look at it, basically makes a cycle. It represents two people giving each other oral sex (a cycle of sorts) which reminds me of the “life feeds on life” mantra of Disgustipated. It’s also pretty close to yin-yang and the infinity symbol. To me it also looks a bit like a visual representation of an undertow with a wave coming over the top, and it’s pretty close to the symbol for Cancer, a water sign - I'm not sure how that fits with the cycle thing, but fuck it, it's a water sign so it could fit with Undertow in some way.

If you take Disgustipated away from Undertow you’ve got nine tracks. Opiate has six tracks. We know that The Gaping Lotus Experience is associated with 666, so what if the six tracks of Opiate, when listened to in a cycle (666), lead you to The Gaping Lotus Experience, and the six tracks of Opiate plus the nine other tracks of Undertow lead you to Disgustipated? Perhaps Ænima could be braking free from this cycle? I don't know.

Sweat (which would be the first song of the ‘cycle’) is pretty cyclical and has the lyrics “seems like I’ve been here before, seems so familiar, seems like I'm slipping into a dream within a dream” which seems to fit pretty well, and water makes an appearance in the song.

A nice coincidence that ties in with this (one which will surely be disproved when the next album comes out) is that there are 11 tracks on 10,000 Days, 13 on Lateralus, 15 on Ænima, and 17 on ‘Opiate + Undertow’ if you include Gaping Lotus.

Well, that's all I've got. What do you guys think? Anything in there at all? Total bullshit? Has anyone ever thought about something like this before?
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