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Pushit Interpretations

To begin I'd like to say that these are some of my interpretations of what Tool's inspiration might be behind the tune Pushit, however the song can be interpreted on many different levels from many different people. So with that said here it goes.

In this post I will focus on two words that seem to strike out at me in the song. 'gap' and 'reflection'. Both these words present some striking imagery in the song. To me, his use of gap referes to the separation that lies between our experience of the physical and spiritual worlds. And by physical I mean all that is experienced via the physical senses, and by spiritual I mean that which is supersensible-beyond what is physically sensed.

To return to the lyrics I think the gap is that which lies between our everyday, concious life and a direct and conscious experience to the supersensible realm. The gap acts as a necessary --absolutely essential-- barrier to our experience of the spiritual world. To cross the gap *too soon* and enter upon the fields of the spirit can be destructive.

To clarify another aspect of the gap, I also suggest that it has a resident spirit-being (which may be interpreted as the 'entitiy' which MJK describes as pushing and shoving) which is called The Gaurdian of the Threshold- who is positioned before the gap to block entry into the spiritual world. Thus, the Gaurdian stops all who want to have a spiritual experience.

Just to elaborate still more, when a person seeks to cross, The Gaurdian stands before the person and presents its full form and being. To look at The Gaurdian is a horrific experience.

Alright... so why all this talk about The Gaurdian? I think the spirit-being called The Gaurdian is a reflection of one's own inner being. The Gaurdian is actually a manifestation of all the we have within our soul.

I experience the darkness of MJK's lyrics as having the quality of his own inner being- his soul. I don't think he necessarily has a full view of The Gaurdian, however, because the lyrics are not that horrific Rather it shows in his anger. For some reason, though, he has been able to sneak a peek of the spectral of The Gaurdian and speaks of it via his lyrics. Whether he has crossed the threshold *before* being morally prepared may be another discussion for a different time.

Alright ladies and Gents there's my interpretation of Pushit, I'd really enjoy hearing your opinions about what I've posted.

Thanks, A3rdEye
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Old 04-26-2003, 12:45 PM   #2
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very intriguing explanation..i really liked ur concept of The Guardian. In Islam, when a person is about to die and leave his physical body, he sees the Angel of Death and keeps staring at the Angel till he dies, similiar to your theory of the gap b/w the physical and the spiritual world where one can have a spiritual experience.But unlike what you said about seeing The Guardian as horrific, people who see the Angel of Death have a peaceful expression on their face. Why am i writing all this? Because your theory of blocking the spiritual world entrance is intriguing when looked in the context of what I just wrote.

Why did u portray The Guardian as horrific anyway? Any specific reason?
we need you to find a comfortable space, that is not only comfortable but vulnerable..i want u to shut ur eyes and go there..and we'll meet you on the other side..
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Old 04-29-2003, 12:27 PM   #3
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Very interesting, i thought that was a very good explanation. I'm going to look more heavily into your concept of "The Guardian" but, i do believe that he uses the word "Gap" in reference to the spiritual world. I think he changed the original version of Pushit to emphasize more on the subject. Also, if anyone reading this has not listened to the live version of Pushit i suggest you do. Its much more mind-expnding then the original. I couldnt help but notice how he puts the crownd into a "transe" if you will, about half way into the song. Its really an experience to listen to.

"I want you to shut your eyes and go there
And we'll meet you on the other side..."
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i think the beginning part by maynard is awesome..we need u to find a place that is not only comfortable but vulnerable..you're right abt maynard wanting to put the people in a trance..but then i think the feeling of hearing pushit when u are mentally in a completely different dimension is amazing..because the song takes on a different colour
we need you to find a comfortable space, that is not only comfortable but vulnerable..i want u to shut ur eyes and go there..and we'll meet you on the other side..
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Old 02-11-2004, 12:06 AM   #5
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Re: Pushit Interpretations

Oh man i could get into a bunch of different possible interpretations of this song. For some reason, though, I am having trouble interpreting it as a whole. But as for different stanzas in the lyrics I have a few interpretations, and not only are they interpretations of the lyrics, but they are interpretations of the lyrics as they are relative to me, my experiences and my journey:

"Saw that gap again today.
While you were begging me to stay.
Take care not to make me enter.
If I do we both may disappear."

For me that gap has been like a wall between me and someone else, and like a wall between society and myself. Its like society wants me to be a part of their system and be like them and function as they do, yet I am not a good enough person (to them) or I don't have enough money or whatever to be a part of their group. If I were to enter that group, I would disappear as an individual, and they would disappear from their group because they would no longer be included because they included me.

"What are you but my reflection?
Who am I to judge or strike you down?"

For me it is sarcastic in a sense that society is hypocritical (?/spelling). If I were a part of "normal society" I would be the same as them. They are no better than me and me no better than them so who I am to judge or strike them down?

"I am somewhere I dont wanna be, yeah
Put me somewhere I dont wanna be
Push me somewhere I dont wanna be
Seeing someplace I don't wanna see
Never wanna see that place again..."

For me this part of the song is interpreted in two ways:

1> simply, the place where i don't want to be is in "normal" society, i would rather declare myself independant from it and form my own way of living.

2> also, if to inform / think for myself i must question authority, and to do that i must be in a vulnerable, confused state of "mind" then i must leave the place i am now, hence "the other side" , and maybe i am not happy where i am but leaving it is scary, and i don't want to be in a scary place, or a place where i might be vulnerable to bad things, yet I must sacrifice that for the good things

"If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay,
You minimize my movement anyway,
I must persuade you another way"

again, there's good old society trying to comfort me by providing order thru rules and regulations, And if they (they being society) don't like what I think up, only after they encouraged me to think for myself thruout my entire "up bringing" , they will try and persuade me another way than my own

"Staring down the hole again.
Hands are on my back again.
Survival is my only friend.
Terrified of what may come."

I am back where i started again,
all i've got is whatever i use to survive
bad things may happen, but so may good

Well, that is a short--beleive it or not--version of how i interpret/use this song as a tool to help me thru my journey and to find new perspectives on things and to express myself

PS : sorry if i babble, thats just me
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Old 08-13-2004, 03:09 PM   #6
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Re: Pushit Interpretations

I have an Interp. I already posted It.

"I would have much rathered Jesus being hanged, that way, all Christians would wear nooses around their necks."~Kapoo
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