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REVIEW - Jan 26th Atlanta

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Re: REVIEW - Jan 26th Atlanta

Definitely one of my favorite shows of all time seeing them. Got my run in right after I got out of work so I can dominate in Saturday's trail race and was able to get to the tailgate in time. Really enjoyed my time with everyone. Loved how fantastic each and every person was. Shared some great stories and enjoyed the company. Kat, Jeremy, others....thanks for another great time. In the words of Maynard- see you soon.

3Teeth actually was one of the most pleasant surprises of the night for me. I am a huge NIN fan and it was seemingly a slightly heavier version of a very industrial synthy music. I really enjoyed their sound. Their lyrics were sort of meh, but I dig their construction of their music.

Primus was pretty good. I don't dislike their music, but it's just not my thing. They put on a great show and had a fantastic stage presence, but they were a band that just never did anything for me. Claypool on that bass though was impressive. Slappin and spankin those slinky strings like a mad man outta jail. Enjoyed his playing.

Watched the stage set up for tool, the instrument techs doing their thing, etc. High anticipation. Opening with the Viginti Tres track from 10k days was very cool to me. Showed how bass-y those speaker racks can get. Very cool as it moved into No Quarter. I never thought I would ever hear this song live, so it was a treat. One of my favorite tracks on Salival.

The Grudge was the song of the night for me. If I was held at gunpoint to say only one Tool song to listen to for the last time, it would be this song. I love the beginning middle eastern vibe, drums and melodies. The buildup into what the song becomes is brilliant. I heard this song last back in the Indianapolis '02 show. Never thought I would hear it live again. Happy they added it back. Funny thought how they had Stinkfist, The Grudge, and Vicarious (all being first-track songs on their albums) in their setlist. Pretty cool. All we needed was Intolerance again and Sweat. Anyway, I was hoping for more of the video visuals that have been played in the past for this song. Nevertheless, it was an awesome sub-opener after No Quarter.

I would have liked to have heard Parabol before Parabola, but it was awesome hearing this song live again. I thought it was 2002 again with all the Lateralus being played. Would have liked the floating ball things like in 2002, but I knew they weren't just going to copy what stage show they had already done. Maynard was impressive on this song. He hasn't lost much of anything with his voice. Sounded great.

The Schism staple was next and was great again. I know and can understand people being sick of this in their set, but I still enjoy it. It has been differently displayed and performed each tour over the years. I enjoyed it. I can't remember, did they do the extended version?

Believe it or not, Opiate was another song I have never heard. I had numerous opportunities, I just never was that lucky. Fun to hear live. The extension in the middle was impressive. I know people are ready for a new album, but it is cool when bands revisit and rework old tunes from their beginnings. This is no different. Loved the visuals too.

Aenema in the middle of a set was new to me. I enjoy the laser show on this tune. Very fun to watch. They might have been the tightest of the night on this song.

The Descending jam was fun to listen to. If this is the direction they are heading, I'm fine with it. Maynard did his little humming/moaning thing. Can't wait to hear the lyrics to this one.

Jambi was spot on as always. Loved the talkbox solo however, Justin seemed to be a little too low for my liking in such a bass-driven song. He was clearly under the mix. I could be wrong. Good tune, but I wouldn't have minded something different this time round for this tour instead. I just don't feel like Jambi fit. I would have taken something like Right in Two or ever something like Swamp Song. I know their shows are pretty set in stone because of their light/stage show, but I'm allowed to wish on here.

46&2 was great. I have the same thoughts about this as I do Schism. Presented differently with the stage show and it was fantastic.

The Danny drum solo was unreal. I don't think people realize what a treat it is to see him perform the way he does. He might very well be the best drummer on the planet. The holographic star thing during his solo was neat to see too. Is that new to the tour? Believe so.

I knew it was either Vicarious or Sweat. I know I will get bashed on here from the lifers, but I enjoy Vicarious more than Sweat, so I was fine with Vicarious. They seemed pretty tight with this tune too. Enjoyed watching the music video on the screens while being played live. So much fun.

Ions into Stinkfist was a fun way to end the show. I like how Danny uses the Mandala pad intro instead of only using it in the middle of the song. What can I say? I've never been to a Tool concert where they haven't played this song. It was great though.

Overall the setlist was phenomenal. One of the best I've seen since the 2010 set in New Orleans. Good mix of the greatest hits (schism stinkfist, jambi) along with songs you don't get often on their tours (grudge, parabola, no quarter). I am probably just getting old or need ear plugs, but my only beef with the sound was that it was too loud. Tool is a band that doesn't HAVE to be over-the-top on their sound mix's amplitude. It was just a bit too loud. Once again, it could have been the venue, my seat, my aging ears, but it seemed a bit too loud. Louder than the first two bands even. I got an unsigned event poster for Atlanta. The skulls are awesome. I hope this artist is included in with the new album. Not that I dislike Alex G., but it is time for something different. It will be fun when they play their new material after they release their new album. Until then, I'll hope for new music and other tours from my other favorites. If anyone is willing to trade something tool-related for a setlist from this show, let me know. I'd love to have one. This show was definitely one of my favorites. Thanks, Tool.
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Re: REVIEW - Jan 26th Atlanta

Originally Posted by blitzedge View Post
I know their shows are pretty set in stone because of their light/stage show...
They find a flow that they like and tend to stick with it. As far as I know, the technical side of it is one of the least of their factors.
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Re: REVIEW - Jan 26th Atlanta

3Teeth is fine, music-wise. Their stage performance was also entertaining -- you know, highly sexualized agression from the singer and animated jumping around from the guitars. Good stuff. The thing I hated was the amount of pre-recorded music they used. You know, there's all this big sound coming from the stage, and you look and none of them are playing. Even some of the vocals were piped in. You follow that up with Primus and Tool, where those folks are all playing multiple instruments at a time, and it just doesn't hold.

Primus was insane! My first time seeing them live. It was the highlight of the night, for me.

Tool, I don't know. They are amazing, but I've seen them about a dozen times now live, and I've listened to what feels like hundreds of their live concerts. So I think I'm done making the effort until the new record comes out (the effort here being us driving up to ATL from Orlando; if they come here obviously I'll go see them).

You know Danny's a virtuoso when you're anticipating the drum solo in 46&2, but when it comes you realize it sounds like his everyday, 'normal' drumming from the more recent albums! Like, he's doing crazier stuff throughout the entirety of Jambi, you know?
^ live one
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