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Old 01-22-2003, 08:00 PM   #1
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a little theory

Well, here's my thoughts on this song mostly. lol, dumb of me to post it on this part of the opinions section, but maybe it will serve some purpose.
I think maynard abused the word enima possibly, enima meaning the flushing of the intestinal system, and changing it to "aenima". on the bottom thing below where the cd should go you see california, and when you turn it, the whole east coast isn't there. i believe this song is just maynard is so sick of all the coruption and impure things, and he's asking god being "mother" to "wash it all away" , which would serve as an "aenima". i know how tool can tend to a bit comical in perverted ways with their art.
maybe maynard was asking a favor of god somehow, and he was just sick of everything in his environment, and he was just hoping for a "vacation" from all of this. the video concept is quite strange possibly something to do with, just getting rid of this stage of us as humans, and moving on through evolution (46 & 2 theory)....there might be some relation, but i seems that the song and the video could be two different meanings, but still have something to do with this theory. just another of the thousand thoughts...
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Old 04-19-2003, 12:29 AM   #2
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Well, I don't think he means God so much as he means Mother Nature...
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Also in the video, I see the blad man as God, and society, being the figure trapped in the box. When he creates the figure, it's almost like how God created humans. And when he throws it up in the air and slams the box down with the figure inside of it, that's punishment for perverting human nature in such a distasteful way, and for not being able to cope with surroundings, or evolve. But that's just the religious point of view for me.
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Old 07-30-2003, 05:08 PM   #4
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does Carl Jung need an enima?

Originally Posted by wilburcobb
And when he throws it up in the air and slams the box down with the figure inside of it, that's punishment for perverting human nature in such a distasteful way, and for not being able to cope with surroundings, or evolve.
How about for us not being able to control the need to sin? Consider the entire "washing it all away" an analogy to Noah's ark. If you want to go the religious route.

What I was going to consider was the possibility Of Jungan theory correlating somehow with not only the video (the bald man and the child being some sort of rough id and ego) but with the entire concept of the song.

Polling the jury...?

dysFUNctionally yrs.,
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Old 12-12-2003, 05:17 AM   #5
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Re: does Carl Jung need an enima?

Ok, all of you collectively go and research Bill Hicks. Aenema is obviously about his view on LA - "Hicks saw LA - or "Hell A," as he called it - as a symbol of all that is wrong with our fast-food society. "I used to love calling LA while I lived in New York," he says on Arizona Bay. "What are y'all doing? Talking to TV producers, huh? Bummer. Me? I'm reading a book. Yeah, we're thinking back East." The sooner that "turd city" was flushed into the Pacific, Hicks believed, the better." (information quoted from www.innuendocornecopria.com)

Keep in mind Aenima is dedicated to him & his philosophies. Also, Aenima is most likely referring to Carl Jung's theory of the shadow of one's self perhaps denoting one's soul...Don't look too far into T00L lyrics. Maynard's an eloquent and intelligent writer but that's all he is.
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Old 12-13-2003, 08:41 PM   #6
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Re: a little theory

I quickly noticed you pointed out evolution as a factor. If anyone else noticed, the figure that "God" unwraps sprouts an extra pair of arms and gains a couple inches of height. This is all within the last couple seconds of the video. Right after the piece where you enter the creature's hand (thus seeing his cells and stuff freaking out). It happens in a mere second or two, but I think it may be the key to helping this guy "learn to swim".

Tell me what you think.
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Re: a little theory

∆ is about Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis of the psyche. Pertaining to the birt of the great
Last of , well, the Bringer of the Last of everything. A time of a person who supposedly is catalyst to bring it all down, supposedly. Im pretty damned sure Tool knows what it is.
He this person, or child or connection to this great big thing that is the ending, supposedly.
More and more i think about how the story plotlines are relative in 8fold meanings. The artists are vague enough, any possibility could be true.
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