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Old 07-18-2007, 12:23 PM   #41
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Re: 2007/07/16 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center

The show was great from start to end. it was only the second time i saw them live, last time being in september at tweeter center in camden. Tool's fucking outstanding live and would do anything to see them again & again & again.
i was hoping for pushit but FLOOD was amazing.
I drove in from Central Jersey about 2 1/2 hours and it was worth every mile driven.
anyways...im gonna go try & win some tickets for the holmdel show tonight.

>>>>>>SPIRAL OUT<<<<<<<<
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Re: 2007/07/16 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center


Taken on LG EnV 1MP Camera
Videos coming soon hopefully. My friend is having trouble getting the videos off of his phone. "Flood" and "Wings 2" are recorded.
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Re: 2007/07/16 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center

All I can say is that it was awesome. We were in row 119, I came all the way from Florida to see this. I was on vacation with my girlfriend and we were visiting her parents and I had to go a second time, saw the Tampa show, and comparing, this show rocked so much better then Tampa, there was so much energy in the place. Lateralus drum solo with Danny and Cody, fucking sweet, lol. I thought it was rather funny when Maynard set the little tree next to Cody and Adam threw the confetti/whatever it was on his drum set, lol. I got some decent pictures, I was kind of paranoid, but when I saw like everyone and their camera phones just sitting out on and being used, I said screw it, get a couple shots, but enjoy the show. All I can say is that coming from Florida, and driving 4 hours from south of Pittsburgh to get to Reading, the cost of seeing Tool 2 times this year...Pricelesss.
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Re: 2007/07/16 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center

Great show and there's not really much more to add. As far as I'm concerned Tool has always been the best entertainment around. I couldn't think of another one night event in music, sports, food, partying, performance art, etc that I'd rather attend. Their performances are simply good entertainment: the music, the sound, the videos, and the personalities on stage make for a great diversion from regular life. Not to mention they draw a fairly diverse crowd which makes things even better.

Some quick notes for you guys that like the small stuff (it's the only thing I can really add):

As stated above, the vocals were kind of low in spots. Not a problem though. The majority was fine.

Also, a correction: I believe Justin was drinking Stella, not Yuengling. It made me thirsty, especially since I ran out of beer by that point.

Maynard walked over to Adam with the tissue paper to wipe his nose before fanning it at the BB drummer.

Danny had a huge smile on his face while watching the drummer from BB play during Lateralus.

Maynard left his little perch more than anytime I have ever seen him during the last two tours (I think he did twice). He also stated "I had a great [or fun] time tonight" before Vicarious. I couldn't make out one word he said after Jambi though.

The sounds Justin can make with his bass are simply amazing. Being just about right in front of his amp I felt the wind pass over me several times. It was powerful.

I couldn't help but feel a little sad after the show. It may be the last time I ever get to see Tool play. Or, at the very least, I'm pretty sure it will be the last time I get to see them play for another few years.
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Re: 2007/07/16 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center

Don't usually review the shows, but this one was incredible. Probably the best I've seen of this tour. I was 14 rows back on Adam's side and the sound was fantastic. FLOOD was, by far, the highlight of the night. After seeing tool so many times, the excitement and anticipation really isn't there anymore for me, more like going to work. But after hearing flood, it reminded me why tool is so great. There's that element of surprise, that at any moment, they'll pull out an old song. What struck me funny was that, at least from where I was standing, it looked like nobody even heard flood before. The people just kind of looked at each other saying, "what the fuck?" Me and the people I was with seemed like the only ones who knew what was going on. But yeah, flood was killer, felt like I was 12 yrs old again getting undertow when it first came out and crapping my pants. As for the rest of the set, they we're really on point, really enjoyed the extended stinkfist, lateralus, and schism. Hopefully, if they tour again, they'll play more off of opiate, undertow and aenima, miss hearing some of those tunes live. Great show A++++
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