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2006/11/12 - Torino, ITA - Mazda Palace


The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Swamp Song

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Re: 2006/11/12 - Torino, ITA - Mazda Palace

danny carey drum solo

two girl friends of mine got the backstage pass, they'll probably talk with maynard I guess, I'll tell you.

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Re: 2006/11/12 - Torino, ITA - Mazda Palace


Well let me try to type this now, its about 24 hours since the end of the concert and I am still hurting. Hurting from rocking out so fucking much listnening to TOOL live. Well, This is my 3rd time seeing Tool live. I saw them in Oakland in 2002 and Coachella earlier this year. And it just keeps getting better and better for me. I mean, I stroll up to the Mazda Palace about 5:50 pm (could have been there at 5:30, but I was so sic'd, that my dumb ass forgot my ticket at the hotel, so I had to go back and get it.) As soon as I get out of the taxi, I hear Stinkist being played in the venue, so I am like WHAT THE FUCK???? I thought I was late, but as I went to the fenceline, the furthest I could have gotten, I noticed it was a soundcheck. Oh man, a sigh of relief. Then I strolled up and passed all the vendors and gut trucks and I went straight for the line. It only had maybe 50 people in it, so I strolled around to look for a pub to kick back a few. Well Mazda Palace is kind of isolated, and I did not have a vehicle, so I strolled over to one of the gut trucks who also sold beer, and was double fisting heinekens the rest of the night. I went straight back to the fenceline and kicked back listened to TOOL, live, and it seemed I was the only one interested, because everyone else was in line, or chillin by the gut truck. I was the only one that got to hear them play Stinkfist, 46 and 2, PUSH IT!!!, during their soundcheck. At the end of those songs, I went over to get two more Heinekens and a Kebap, and tried to mingle with some people. Nobody was really in the mingling mood I guess, or maybe it had something to do with my lack of knowledge of the Italian language.

They opened the gates around 7:05 pm and I got in within 5 minutes. Security stressed no cameras or flashes or laser thingys, but did not search everyone. I just walked right in, but im not much into recording shit, I try to enjoy my experience rather than watch tool through a fucken camera phone. I went straight down to the floor, and I was easily on the rail right in front of where Adam would have been, but due to my intoxication, I knew I would be taking a piss very soon, and I couldnt hold out another 4 hours till the end of the concert. They were selling Stella's about 10 yards from the stage so I got me a couple of those.

Mastadon came on around 8pm. I didnt know too much about them coming in, but I felt they did a decent job. They did a good job, I liked their sound somewhat, and they were rocking out. Although I dont think the Italians were really feeling them at all, maybe 5 people banging their head. meh, not too bad. Around 8:50 pm I went to use the head one last time, and I was able to retrieve my spot, still about the 5th row back, but I could have pushed my way through to the front, but I didnt mind being where I was at.

TOOL came on stage around 9:30 exactly, and dropped Stinkfist on us hard as fuck. They sounded flawless. Maynard was wearing a mask with the mic taped or strapped to it somehow, but he sounded like Maynard. Justin was rocking the fuck out like he always does, especially on The Pot, it was real bass heavy, but fuck it, I am a bass freak, so I thought it sounded fucking awesome. I hate to say it, but everyone says the same thing about Danny, but its true, the man is a monster. I swear I thought he was going to break those drums, he was on point. Adam, well he was Adam, although I did see him bang his head during Swamp Song. Yea thats right, SWAMP SONG BITCHES!!!! You know, not once have I ever complained, or even comprehended why anyone would complain about a TOOL concert. I take it as I can, and if i hear the same setlist as I did at Coachella, thats fine with me, I am appreciative of TOOL that much, that I dont give a fuck. I am just priveleged to be able to attend a TOOL concert, especially here in Italy. Never would i have ever thought, I would see TOOL overseas, and here I am, working over here, and I got lucky with the opportunity to see them. So to all you who bitch, moan, and complain about setlists, HA, I didnt complain once, and I get to hear some old school shit, and you know what, I am thankful for it. So maybe you should stop being so damn unappreciative and stop taking TOOL for granted, maybe next time you will get to hear something different. Well, I said my peace on that.

Man, during Swamp song I went nuts. Yea I was that asshole who tried to start a pit during this song. You know, I really dont understand people who get so close to the stage, and expect everyone is going to stand still. I mean tool plays emotional music, its very passionate, and very vulgar at times. Some times this creates mosh pits, and if you dont want to be part of one, then go to the back, or to the side. Yes, I did want to watch, but i love it when tool gets down man, and you can mosh to a mojority of their music, no matter anyones says, people have different reactions from the music, we all have our own interpretations of tool and their music, and we all express ourselves from those interpretations in our own individual way. So if Tool makes you mosh, thats great, if tool makes you jump, thats great, if tool makes you want to sit in the back and videotape the whole show, thats fine too, just dont tell other people on how to react to their music, thats nuts. I cant believe I had a guy in there right after stinkfist say, calm down dude, its just a a concert. What?? are you kidding me. I had been waiting for this moment for a long freakin time, so with all the emotions that have been backing up inside of me, with the good and bad times, tool has always been there for me, they have been that outlet so that I can get away from all this bullshit, so fuck you buddy. I was the one with the third eye shirt with a thermal on (cause it was cold as a mofo outside, it had to be like 8 degrees F). There was maybe 20 or so of us that were really feeling it, and everone else was just standing there, showing no emotion whatsoever. So I tried to get people into it. I failed miserabley. But I didnt care, I was on one man, a natural high.

Every song sounded great. During their intermission, They sat on stage lit the lighters, and a few people in the audience copied. It was pretty cool. I saw Justin drinking what it seemed like a Budweiser, but I doubt that since they were in Europe, and we all know American beer is crap. So that struck me as odd. Oh yea, fuck Dannys solo leading into Swamp Song, damn bro that shit was tight. I thought those drums were going to fall over and break. I felt something different from that solo, which led into swamp song. The remixes of schism and stinkfist were insane, Lateralus had everyone happy. Holy shite, Rosetta Stoned is probably one of the best TOOL songs I have ever heard live. Ill tell you what, Maynard would be a good rapper if he wanted to, He was spittin those lyrics out fast as fuck. The song was awesome, all 4 members were hella into it. It was fucking LOUD in there. But I think the best song of the night was Vicarious. They had the lasers going and all, I was speechless with my jaw to the deck. It was truely special man. they finished with Aenima of course, a great outro to the concert, everyone was singing the lyrics, it was the only song everyone got into. A great ending.

Well, as this being my third TOOL experience, It was another special night for me. The only thing I was missing was my bros. I am out here in Italy, and I didnt have my bros that I normally see TOOL or any concert for that fact, with me. I was rollin solo, so that was the only downer. There was maybe 5000 people in there, at the most, and the sound was awesome. A little bass heavy at time, but Im in love with bass, so that didnt bother me. As I said in my Coachella review, TOOL always seem to bring me home, to my center, wherever the hell I am at. Ive been listenting to them since the age of 10 back in 93', thanks to my brother, and have been a fan ever since. I am thankful to have grown up listening to them. Thank you TOOL for another great experience, thank you.
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Re: 2006/11/12 - Torino, ITA - Mazda Palace

about the girls friend of mine...

they met maynard, danny and justin
along with some other girls (guys were not allowed to enter the backstage)

they signed autographs, talk for a while, share some drinks, it was very relaxing anyway.

Maynard said he has a sort of infection to the throat, so he doesnt sing too good in this period. (but still good I add). He said he wouldn't have played the two Wings, but the day after, in Florence, they started playing.

justin is very friendly, he even signed autograph for me with a dedicatee.

and so on...
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Re: 2006/11/12 - Torino, ITA - Mazda Palace

Mastodon setlist in Turin:

This Mortal Soil / The Wolf Is Loose / Crystal Skull / Capilarian Crest / Colony Of Birchmen / Seabeast / Sleeping Giant / Megalodon / Hearts Alive

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