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Silent Labyrinth

398 days ago the darkness was instantly splattered
Mental health destruction was sufficiently lathered
398 days since our family floated away, adrift into four seas
Exiled and shamed, exhaustingly searching for an elusive ghost
Iím on the outside of her cloaked castle surrounded by an impenetrable moat
Forgiveness is not a fortune cookie displayed on the fridge
Love was lost and now a listless loathe Dominates my garden-less grove
Wherever he roams, precious blood streams Rapids flow into pulsating trickles
Crawling crooked trails, leaving vast riddles
Snaking down the cursed river of deceit
Where silent misery hacked off his frozen feet
Hiding behind every twisted tree
Barely present are vapors of her transparent reflection
Compounding his confusion, elevating levels of mass infection
Lost in scattered sections, he stumbles and moans
Were all of his meaningful memories real?
This festering wound is gaping, tightly draping my soul
Collapsing on the jaded jungle rug
Suffering is a daily bug bite of venom
Skin dries up large patches, likeoverly worn leather jacket
Bountiful bombs are sprinkled from the sky
Precisely aimed, thereís nowhere to hide
This downward slide has collided with his only Life purpose, now abandoned double wide
Shunned in a silent labyrinth, stuck in endless madness
Save the threads, my heart can no longer be stitched back together
Please God, donít you take away my light forever
I don't know where the sunbeams end
And the starlights begin
It's all a mystery
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