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2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre


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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre

Me and my girlfriend travel from Norway to Barcelona to see Tool play and what happens.... We arrive outside the venue and about 25 persons tell us that the gig is off... None of them from Spain, so i guess the spanish crowd has somehow been informed... Why the hell did not Toolband and Toolshed say one word about this???
Lack of respect to the fans!!! Me and my girlfriend then travel to Madrid too see Tool, cost me 800 euro with plane, hotel in Madrid and transport to venue.... What do you guys think about this???

So to the concert......

To get in to this venue was a nightmare... 80 mins in the rain... So many people missed Mastodon because of this fucking amateurs... 1 entrance for so many people, smart!!!

I like Mastodon very much, but i must say that i was not happy abot their performance in Madrid.... Terrible sound, they must get a new sound man!!!! They are so talented, so it was a shame....

My Tool show number 6 ( Roskilde 01\06, Rock am ring 06, Hamburg 06, Berlin 06)

There is only one thing to say: Perfect show !! I want different set list, but what can we do.... Third eye, Pushit, The Grudge is songs i want so much!!!!
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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre

Totally agree with you there.
I think it was not only Mastodon's fault, the sound of that venue is HORRIBLE. I've seen there deftones, korn and others, and the sound has always been like that...Tool is the only group that has sound "good" there.
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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre

Was waiting for a chance to speak ... have followed faithfully since the early days of Kabir's site. Saw the Madrid show (Thanks to 'Forest' and the rest of the Madrid gang for helping my wife and I get to the show ... eventually... and for the rum and coffee) "You no speaka my language". CHEERS! The show was great and big thank you to Nobby for doing such a terrific job nob twiddling! Locals were worried about the venue sound and thankfully TOOL kicked that venue's ass! Not sure what I'm up to for numbers but it must be about 50 or so - from the days at Black and Blue or the Green Jello loft in LA when the Opiate live tracks were recorded to Madison Square Garden and the recent tour (see you in Munich, Glasgow, and Zurich!!! I feel privileged to know the guys well and see them at each show. They were in terrific spirits after the show in Madrid (Maynard... you can run but you can't hide ... where the hell were you I wonder?!) and it was great to meet some of the guys from Mastodon (line was so damned long that we missed their set). After all these years it really is F'in Fabulous to hear such great music 10,000 Days is excellent and Cheers to many more shows to come.
Hey there Kabir. Hope all is wonderful in your world. Long time no speak ... since the Zoo days! Site looks great.

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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre

The Tool show was great...but...the place (Cubierta of Leganes) was horrible...a really shit. The sound, the entrance (a long long row), and the stage...My girlfriend and Me wasted a big time with Tool, but i think a show so special in a place like that...We hope Tool in a better place...and we listened Mastodon while we wait stand by out of the La Cubierta and we only could enjoy two songs from Mastodon...and i love them. Tool 9 points Vs. La Cubierta 0 points.
This photo is dark, and there are drops from the rain...like that day, but i think is attractive, like a Tool show. By!!
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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - La Cubierta de Leganés(not Vistalegre)

since the first time Tool came to Spain in 2002, this is my 4th show(two in Lisbon and two in Madrid).
The venue is not the best, that´s true, specially for having only one entrance for probably more than 10.000 people(nice number ah??). But anyway, I got to the queue by the time they say the doors would be opened and had no problems to get in on time, sit down in a good place and enjoy the show... Imagine at the Superbock Superrock festival in Lisbon: 35000 people and all of them standing, THAT is a nightmare!!!

Mastodon had a bad sound, but that usually happens.

Tool sounded really good! The stage they bring this winter is beautiful, white, clean, ...the lights, the images on the screen are more sofisticated and well prepared, the laser....intensity grows gradually along the show! simply great!!

Only dissapointment is that they played Sober instead of Wings For Mary+10000 Days(unlike the last part of the USA tour). I was dying to see 10000 Days live...

Surprisingly enough at least for me, Maynard said "see ya.....see ya.. next summer". I can´t believe Tool playing in Spain 3 times within one year!! Look forward...

Another comment on the venue: it was meant to be Vistalegre, a Sports Hall, but they changed it to La Cubierta( a modern covered bull ring prepared for concerts, etc) They had already played here in May, so they must have been happy with the venue if they came again.

About Barcelona show being cancelled, still don´t know the reason. It was the first one in Europe, so I would not be surprised if it was the band´s decision.

All in all, Tool is still my best live experience, looking forward to see them again....


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Re: 2006/11/04 - Madrid, ESP - Vistalegre

My second Tool show (first, 5 june 2002, la riviera, madrid), and all I can say is that I agree with all the positive and entusiasthic comments that I´ve seen all through the reviews on this page. Maybe the best band nowadays, and without any kind of doubdt the best concert you can go to. I don´t mind about the rain in the street, the bad place, the price of the concert, the uncomfortable audience, the supporters, I don´t mind about that because you forget all those little details with time, and all that remains in your mind is the concert. Amazing sound, lights, the band playing just perfect (seemed like the CD!), good setlist (but we allways miss our favourites!) and giving us unforgettable moments to remember for all lifetime. Thank you, Tool. Come back soon.

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