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Canít help but mishear a lyric

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I always mishear a lyric. Maynard says:

ďIgnorant to the damage doneĒ

But I always hear:

ďIgnorant to the derelict endĒ

It also kind of changes the meaning of the song for me a bit, since the official lyric seems to describe how much the holder is unaware heís hurting himself, while for me itís how the holder intentionally ignores everything that tells him to let go of the titular Grudge.

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Re: Canít help but mishear a lyric

Hearing it your way seems to render it incoherent. Itís a stretch, for sure.
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Re: Canít help but mishear a lyric

"all i'm trying to do, folks, is rid the world of all these
fevered egos that are tainting our collective unconscious &
making us pay a higher psychic price than we can imagine."
- bill hicks (LA falls, "arizona bay" symbolism defined?)
note similarities in aenima & fear inoculum album art*

i always interpreted "damage done" as fall from grace
choosing to bite the apple from the tree of knowledge
ranting/twirling egoic fingers AT everything, but heart
separating the whole of nature into convenient pieces
u (44&2/disharmonic) = PART. me = 46&2/harmonic/i
"learn the dam alphabet: i cum before u, pay ur dues"
"time to make sac'ri'fice, (ego) die a little! give it up!"
"cast the calming apple, up and over satellites..."-apc
let go, learn to swim, fall to gravity and the UNknown
omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, uncompromised
w/o: defining, confining, controlling, clutching stones
unconditional one*(7/star/mary/isis/virgin/untouched)
= don't know, won't know = return to the tree of life?

transmutate lead/44&2 into gold/46&2 consciousness
(let! go!)
i know, shit!
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Re: Canít help but mishear a lyric

I think maynard does try and make it so a word he says could be one of 2-3 on occasion. its part of the layering to their lyrics
remain consequential
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