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Syncopal and Seizing in the Wonka-vator of Prolonged Pranayama

I’m a hologram
being rendered and animated
within the lens-shaped overlap,
the vesica piscis,
of the lowest levels of heaven
and the highest heights of hell. . . .

I am Vitruvian,
cardinally stretched
and quaternally radiating,
golden and ratio’d,
circumferentially centered,
pin-holed by prana,
and rotating around its toroidal axis
that traverses
the radial line of altitude,
with the highest heights
and the deepest depths,
of a devilishly divine

Outstretched and hyperventilating,
in-and-out of consciousness,
gripping, in fits and spells,
and rhythmically
flexing, torquing, and wrenching
the air-tight (m)embranes
of both, paradise above and inferno below. . .
compressing and decompressing
their subtle strata of soma, psyche, and sensation
and gross gradations of grounds, gods, and gravitas,
generating a cosmic bellow. . .
expanding and contracting
with the tide of my mantra,
fanning the flames of the fallen
blowing benedictions upon the blessed
germinating, gestating, and giving birth to each moment as it arrives.

I am the engine within the engine. . .
Virtually Virtual,
The diaphragm of the divine,
A mover unmoved,
Autonomic and ephemerally atemporal. . .
I am the pump of the pure,
perpetuating Paradise in pulses
I am the siphon of the sinful
bleeding Babylon of all impurities
exchanging life and death
in the flow, the contraction, and the force
of each vital breath.

I am Shiva
Static in Samadhi
Dynamic in the Dance of Nataraja,
Contorting and Conformed
into a Spiral of Flaming Fibonacci;
Gyrating and Gesticulating
to the pulsating potency
of a red hot dot in the eye of my mind
that swells and shrinks
each sigh and each spiritus.

I am
the glowing phosphene,
seen in a meditative void,
annular yet amorphous,
glittered with multicolored pixels
shifting shapes through the static;
I am
the light of logos
shining darkly, through the glass. . .
dilating then diminishing
electrifying then anesthetizing. . .
powering the Primacy of the Mind.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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