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Suburban Lives

Within this egg are many revolutions and apocalypse
A walk amongst trees the perfect lubricant
A walk amongst people the ideal tinder.
We are stars cut loose from our cluster,
Stray clouds drifting indefinitely.
I hear voices in the stores
Advertisements behind my ears
Chattering on the TV
Tires screeching
Sirens wailing.

The people are everywhere.

Like rodents unaware
on the stage of a pompous play.

I want to dig.
Dig 'till my veins throb
Dig 'till my arms buckle
And we find that line where life
Strikes death
Like steel upon stone
In some deep and unseen place
Beneath the pleasant grasses and
Of our suburban lives.
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Re: Suburban Lives

I avoid the stroll of right angles
by jumping wooden fences
and accepting the tiny shards of timber
that I find later, while resting
after dark, after dinner,
I find them buried at various depths,
now tedious to exhume
from under my cutaneous sheath.

I beg for the asphalt to shear away my skin
by taking full advantage of man's magnum opus, the wheel
and pushing the limits of speed and caution
in exchange for eternal hopes, brief fears, and timeless visions
to flash before my eyes as I defy gravity for a moment or two.

I sit on the sidewalk. . . watching clouds breach the horizon of neighboring roofs.
I say in my head, "God, if you're real. . . send a cloud over the rooftop in 3. . 2. . 1"
I would say, "If you're really there. . . . send an airplane over the rooftop in 3. . .2. . . 1"

Sometimes the planes and clouds would come with precise timing, although I'd continue asking regardless, and the timing often fell short.

Now, twenty years later. . .
I ask different versions of the same question. . . .
sitting in a different suburb. . . .
expecting and getting much of the same result.

Behind this 360 veil of reality, there lies an exact replica of this existence.
Mathematical Matryoshka
Calculated Matrices embedded within matrices
Ontological Onions

Our misinformed minds make us all blind. . .
This restricted buffet of data atrophies essential portions of our cognitive faculties and hypertrophies other cognitive pathways into a collective state of pathology.

Borne into a pathological culture and bestowed this secondhand state of mind.

How the fuck are we supposed to cure ourselves of widespread and personal malignant perspectives that are innate to the social organism as a whole?

Should we play monopoly or not? Should we play monopoly or not? Should we play monopoly or not?
Say hello to my frontal lobe.

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