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Desensitized to everything

The whole Idea of the song and the video is that maynard is trying to show us a possible future. It all revolves around the line"desensitized to everything". Through the whole lyrics he talks about how gradually our society is getting more numb, not physically but mentally. Less things shock us now then they used to, this is our societies gradual desensitization. Think about it, 50 years ago, no one swore on TV, there was hardly any violence. And look at us today, we see people dying and violence occuring all the time but we just aren't reacting to it the same way. In the video, Adam shows the peak of this desentizisation. The people there aren't sensitive to anything, from having a thumb in their eye or seeing a man plugged into a wall......until the fatter man gets poked in the stomach, this scene goes best with the lines"I'll keep digging, till I feel something"...something that they can feel, and then he realizes that thing but then gets even more desensitized, this more desensitized man is what they turn into after they shed their skin. I also think maybe the worm thingy on his shoulder is symbolic for something finally filling the void that makes human kind push further and further to find something that'll shock em.

this is just what I think.
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