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Chris has this to say.

Here's what I think of stinkfist. (First post, btw, so dont be harsh if im just repeating something someone else has already said, bla bla bla... on second thought go ahead and be harsh... i dont care.)

OK, I think this song is basically about desensitization. It's about getting so used to a certain feeling, getting so caught up in something, that it becomes second nature or a part of your life you take for granted and so you need to do something else to make yourself feel.

I like to look at this on a large scale... like our race...

Human beings were so vulnerable, say, fifty years ago. They were easilty moved by the slightest thing or emotion... for example, there was thios one hungarian song that made a lot of people go suicide and if you listen to it now its like nothing. It's because we experience those emotions every day, and we've become numb to them. It takes something incredible to move us now. Everywhere you look, different products are screaming out at you that they are miraculous, amazing, excellent, and all the other far-too-common adjectives used to describe far-too-common items to get a buck. If people a hundred years ago witnessed a movie thats packed with emotion today, it'd probably be a life changing experience for them. And the closest we come is sniffling a little in the theatre.

But, from the lyrics, I don't really think this song is talking about desensitization on that scale. I think it could be the desensitization between two lovers, especially with "Tell me that you love me and that we belong together"...
When you love someone, you want to know everything about them, you want to feel everything they're feeling. With everything you get you want more... maybe thats where the analogy of fisting or fingering someone comes in. First the finger, then the knuckle, finally the shoulder... you become numb to love as you recieve it, and its never enough to satisfy us as human beings. And that is sad... but your numb so you really dont care... its just... sort of sad.

if you actually read all that, then you're going to be disappointed by this abrupt end.
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