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I Forgot my pen...

Rosetta stoned is by far one of my favorite tracks from tool, not just from 10,000 days. Theres so much here to be analyzed, so much mixed emotion... To me, Rosetta Stoned is a song about rationalization or many many things. The fact that he was encountered my a ufo and then abducted and told that he is the chosen one....

Then it goes on to explain more and subtly mentions he is tripping on acid. weather this happened before or after the abduction (the ufos could have given him something to have trip possibly) but now he is stuck. He holds secrets and was chosen to send a message of end... but all that is ruined by the fact that he was on acid... constantly whimpers questions of validity to the doctor (you believe me don't you??) and as the song progresses you feel more emotion, or rather the emotion changing... It starts as a story, one that has hope and possibilities, and then the narrator realizes as hes telling the story that they dont trust the story... He breaks down trying to give some exlaination to his actions, not remembering what he was chosen for.

(Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position. Such a heavy burden now to be the One. Born to bear and bring to all the details of our ending, To write it down for all the world to see. But I forgot my pen, Shit the bed again ...Typical.)

This song is frustration, hate, hope disintegrating, its saying (to me) that no matter what, there has to be a mass realization... no longer can one person speak truth, going against everyone else... its frustration... imagine this guy who knows the worlds end running through the street try to tell people, trying to warn his fellow race of its terrible fate, maybe to create hope and to keep our race going.

but he doesn't remember what was specifically said... someone of such knowledge should have at least wrote it down... but the human mistake is on that is too natural... for the rest of his life he is forced to live with the heaviest burden, every chance he gets trying to warn people, thinking to himself that he is telling the word of truth, maybe even comparing himself to Jesus... but to everyone else... he's crazy...

and theres nothing he can do.
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Re: I Forgot my pen...

People talk about how this song shows a guy that used something good too much and he saw the truth and now everyone thinks he is crazy. your last paragraph pretty much sums up an acid trip. you see the truth and the world in a new way but when you try to explain it to people that have never tripped, they think you are crazy. My parents cried when i told them how i viewed the world after i had tripped... they thought i was crazy.
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Re: I Forgot my pen...

I think this bit is also a Carlos Castaneda reference.
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