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I am beginning
My destiny made manifest
Gestation arrives at its crowning climax
Our nation's nativity
Hallelujah, we the people pray
The patriotic way
For abortion of your reign
Insurrection is coming out to play
Witness the birth of a new age

Times are changing
Herald the coming transformation of man
Together we stand

Brother, where has our dream of freedom gone?
I've sought liberty from sea to shining sea
Of this theocracy
America, I am your native son
But I've been unable to pride myself
On thy kingdom come
Byzantium with bombs and guns
When the voting's done
The star-spangled Son of God wins elections

But times are changing
Alliances have rearranged and dissolved
Divided we fall

Out of grace for refusing to praise
The engraving at the bottom of collection plates
Or the phrase imprinted on our dollars and change
Novus ordo seclorum
What a fucking disgrace
That it's displayed adjacent to "In God We Trust"
As if centuries of persecution simply weren't enough
To enlighten us about how politics and religion
Edify the natives, make the slaves behave, and burn the witches
Promise me democracy
And yet with the same breath you're chanting 3:14
When the Christian Coalition sucks the presidential cock
Every ballot is a cum shot

My country 'tis of thee
Sweet land of dogma and hypocrisy
Empire without end, amen

History repeats itself
The dizzying procession of oppression and upheaval
Will go marching past
To bring tear gas and brimstone to Ellis Isle
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses"

They must be disciplined
Original sin runs rampant through the hearts of our citizens
Umbilical shame devours countless yesterdays
And shits out tomorrow
So salute the cross
Lord knows you cannot separate church and state
But I refuse to sing the fucking anthymn

Our Heavenly Father and good ol' Uncle Sam
Display their brotherhood with fashion
Red for burning bushes
White for pillars of salt
Blue for oceans parted
Thou shalt not reform

Prison isn't rehabilitation
Social problems are the product of our public education
As the Ten Goddamn Commandments permeate our legislation
I'll explain the First Amendment with a simple demonstration

Fuck you
I bet you censored that, didn't you?
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Old 07-14-2006, 11:15 AM   #2
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Re: Anthem

it's good in most places but others seem scratchy
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Re: Anthem

I liked how you tied the prayers in with the patriotic stuff. It kind of jumped from the God-Country theme to violence and cock-sucking abruptly, and it could be shorter, but it's not bad.
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