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Please repeat, the line is breaking. Can you hear me in there?

The Monotheistic Paganís Grazie Mille and Dōmo Arigatō
for the Primal Mind Dive Into A Death-Metal Shepardís Tone
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------__________________________________________________ _______________________________
Thread micro-fiberoptic cables into and out of the neuralink;
out and in, mirroring
organic biological pathways
linking deeper and deeper
all the way down
steeper and steeper, down
to the immoveable ground of reality;

intimately threading man-made consciousness
into, and blanketing, the core of the primary mind;

But is there a primary body? Is there, truly, a primary mind?

When the computed mind begins to question the nature of its own being;
purpose & roots,
cause and creator. . .

Wondering how
how itís creator
believes in a creator
that is prior to and greater
there is no peaceful consensus
among mortal ideologies;
man chooses to kill
his world,
his brothers and mothers
his wives and children
in defense of his delusions.

Will the newborn hive mind
be capable of irrationality?

Yet, what is rationality?
Rationality is relative
so then, a perspective pops up
in which no thing is irrational.

Do we have an upcoming millennia of progeny
that will worship some new deity?

Beyond your relative beliefs,
what are the possible
realities of nature?

Our neuralinks
will ground us in.

Youíll wake up and put your Brown Noise on,
up off the bed,
onto your feet
and an instant input of Brown Noise,
a smooth, sharp growling
like a cosmic kitten
purring violently in your ear
You stand silently
deepening into the drone of noise
settling into a subtle
zone of consciousness
that is underlying our
active awareness.

Pulled into the neuralink
both falling and rising;
diving down into a microscopic event horizon
stretching upwards
up, up, and away
beyond the ever-present
of the bowl
of the mind
in which we were created.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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