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An Entity with Ejaculatory Potential Energy a.k.a "Holding out for the nut"

Contact is everpresent.

My mind is motile,
hovering and gliding along
predefined lines,
it rotates and pivots
to navigate a static space of sensation.


My mind is static
as the particles
advance and counter-sway
around my field of feelings.

My perception of this shell
with its
colors, hues,
depth and dues,
maddens me
with its
steep, stark
bright and dark
oscillations between
a divinely beautiful and roaring ecstasy
a tauntingly oppressive and suffocating numbness.

This life is one great, long
edging session of erotic asphyxiation.
The danger, the anticipation, the fragility, the pleasure.

Intermittently, without fail,
I choke myself into a twilight;
synesthetic, pins and needles
anesthetic, quiver - - feeble;
immersed in a salvation-less fog.

Then, I awaken,
with a flood of blood
my head
my heart
and my
dastardly parts.

In a moment,
my limbics will be doused
in pool of euphoria
and my demons will be released from me
as I sink down,
down, down,
below the depths
of any awareness
into the mind
and moment
of my original being.

My mind is a pressurized tank of isolation.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.

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Re: An Entity with Ejaculatory Potential Energy a.k.a "Holding out for the nut"

This made me laugh out loud out of a sense of maniacal joy and recognition of the profound importance and, simultaneously, non-importance, of this life, which you have expressed here. I love this and am so grateful that you are still here and posting.
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