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High is the Way but all Eyes are Upon the Ground

Hello! I really like this sentence: "High is the Way but all Eyes are Upon the Ground",
I'm willing to have it tattooed & it has a meaning for me but could you please tell me what does it mean to you?
What do you think Maynard means with this?

For me it means that all the people are living their lives worried about material stuff & that you should look "up" to see the truth, or an spiritual path.
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Re: High is the Way but all Eyes are Upon the Ground

i think you hit the nail on the head. "high is the way" - 'heaven' should be what people chase. "but all eyes are upon the ground" - but people cant take their focus off their material items.

im not religious, but i still enjoy reading religious books for the moral fiber hidden underneath. i simply used "heaven" since Christianity is the religion i was most exposed to in life. - regardless, i think you can see what im getting at

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Re: High is the Way but all Eyes are Upon the Ground

what are they gonna do when the lights go down, without you
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Re: High is the Way but all Eyes are Upon the Ground

It's just like he wrote in Right in Two: there's plenty in this veritable garden of Eden for us all to live in peace and comfort, but regardless of The Way being within our view and grasp, humanity as a whole is still too savage to simply look up and see it. Rather, we fight over and divide pieces of the ground and hoard our stake to the detriment of all.
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