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Kick A

This song is incredible like most Tool songs, lyrics, musical composure, Maynards vocals and the band's amazing talent. Tool's the best in my book!
Full fledged Tool junkie! (No rehab necessary)
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Re: Kick A

Yes, most Tool songs could beat the pants off another bands best.
This one is probably my favorite performance by Maynard.
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Re: Kick A

Originally Posted by ']['{[]}{[]}[[_ View Post
Yes, most Tool songs could beat the pants off another bands best.
This one is probably my favorite performance by Maynard.
Very creative username, imo
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Re: Kick A

Yep, first thing I thought about when I saw it was - Shit, why didn't I get this idea first
And the second one was
Man, if I had to type in all those nifty braces...
Anyway, when quoting a name like that, you'd better use copy'n'paste :)

Now let's vote
Which song will amaze 3stars the next time.
Cuz I'm sure it WILL happen.
Less and less haven't done it so far, not that it's sarcastic or so.
"music has infinite potential of positivity for mankind" Lord Worm
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Re: Kick A

So I was going to post a "crazy" type post of just a whole bunch of random thoughts about the way I interpret what I think is going on (because this is the only place I can vent the shit I don't dare/want to say but I decided it because I don't even really know what I wrote yet. And sunday would be a better day for that sort of thing anyways.

I stumbled across something that amazed me the other day, the only reason I would even consider bringing up Stefanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga) in a place like this, or anywhere else for that matter is because this video (at the bottom of post) of her is really, really cool. The video is just a girl in front of her piano, but you can tell pretty clearly that this woman actually has talent, something I did not know. I just kind of figured her to be no different than any of the other popwhores that just have a pretty face, a nice set of tits and can be chewed up and spit out after her 15 minutes were up.

It would be really cool if the radio and MTV would play something like this of hers, but this could never happen because nowhere in either of these songs does she sing about topless dancing, getting fucked up on drugs and going to all night raves, or banging every dude in the room.

H isn't one of the 12 Tool songs I got hooked into but it's still a damn good tune, and I don't really get the beginning of this though.

What's coming through is alive.
What's holding up is a mirror.
But what's singing songs is a snake
Looking to turn my piss to wine.
They're both totally void of hate,
But killing me just the same.

So is he saying something along the lines of.... it's the bad side in him that drives him to sing? Or maybe he wants to use his bad side which is basically piss and turn it into something good like wine?

One line I do get from this song is the "considerately killing me" repeated over and over again. The only reason I say I think I get is because as demented and illogical as it is, it is more or less considerate.

Once again sorry about the Lady Gaga, but this video is damn good.
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