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Re: May release!!!!

Originally Posted by ambivalentika View Post
christ some of you guys need to get a clue.
'running out of ideas'?
'less doom and gloom'?
do i recall aenima or opiate to be a positive, uplifting album?

i see people wish for tool to 'release something akin to Isis' (amazingly talented band)

but people, this is TOOL.

that you simply lack the ability to understand the direction of Lateralus or 10,000 days is plausible, but for you to speak shit about it simply for that reason and you dare call yourself tool fans? then im ashamed to be part of the collective.

no matter how you brag about how many posts you have on the forum or how many shows youve been to, you dont COMPREHEND what Tool are about in each of their albums.

And here i was, thinking all these years, that Tool fans were more intelligent than the rest of society, you morons have proved me wrong.
thank you!! someone finally said it lol. musical taste equaling intelligence? are we really just talking about music anymore? i think for the people that 'get it', TOOL transcended just being "something to listen to" long ago. its a collection of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. in my experience, harcore tool fans generally do have a much higher intellectual curiosity than most people.

and personally i cant think of a more spiritually uplifting album than lateralus. its the best example of a concept album that they've done, and the whole thing works toward a very inspiring message.

"doom and gloom" LMAO they stopped being dark and angry after undertow, and they must've found a whole bunch of acid, because from aenima on, they've been far more introspective and emotional and yet as cynical as ever. a much more 3 (or 4) dimensional band. 10k days was very dystopian, but that was in respons to the state of the world under the watch of the bush administration. but come on, rosetta stoned , absolutely stunning, psychadelic otherworldly and tragic, and completely unlike anyother song they've done before. wings 1 and 2, heartbreaking. intension and rite in 2, stunning and meditative!!
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