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Blue My Mind

Each fragment in the harmony creates a schism in space
multiplying the entanglements into multipolar potentialities:
good, bad, and other. . .

Not willing the fractures,
but willing the
tangible and endless
coiling and uncoiling of the snake,
and willing
to accept both the venom and the dance.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Felicitous or sinister,
a benediction incanted
and propelled towards us
in an alien tongue;
slow to trigger the
translational processes
of my ape-ish mind.

computation and comprehension,
with a sharp, gasping fear
of a word’s power
a reconfiguration of the physics around us.

Trochoidal and Transverse
A word,
winding up and whipping
a wave in the ones and zeros
of the electromagnetic matrix of reality.

Lashing my being with the ultimate
superimposition of linear and spheroidal
symbols. . .

Unsure. . .
trixxed and tainted by a hissing tongue
licked and lapped by una loving lingua.

Yet, a cascade of calamity ensued. . .
scariness, amplified by
a questioning of reality’s fabric

Self-altered neurochemicals
concatenating all quantum things
to and through
above, beyond, and below
my cranial thoughts
into the ether
opening channels
for influx and efflux of
divine daemons
and deified devils,
blessed benefactors
and benevolent beings.

Scrambling in the moment
to console the cosmos
to quiet the quanta
to stabilize the strata of sensation
saturated with supernatural paranoia
disoriented by the prospect of
magic mixing into the mundane.

A secret and sacred sequence of
thoughts, moments, and momentum
triggering a collapse of the multiverse,
conjuring and emitting otherworldly radiation
onto the blanket of our momentous being,
throwing us into a new
unpredictable, non-Newtonian moment;
geworfenheit into a mystical scene,
at once. . strolling silent and serene,
struck by the song of sirenous señorita,
sensing a silky stream of saying,
and feeling liquid locution flooding my world
and now,
street-side & clammering,
deafened by reality. . .
a wailing cry. . .a worried woman
city-scape bearing down, burdensome.

Frightened by the possibilities. . .
Rationalizing reality back into the form I know.
Questioning my grasp
of the truth
of the mountains of millennia that we are standing upon. . .
ignorant of
the skeletons and their scepters,
the orishas and assons,
and the tangle of talismans
in the
old ossifications and carbonaceous cremations
of our creator and the creatures before us.

Words blew upon my simple world by the mind-splitting whispers of a wicked mystic or a gracious sage, either way, butterfly-effecting the entirety of this web of dimensions.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.

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Re: Blue My Mind

This is so well written. You’re on another level, dude. Thanks for sharing.
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Old 01-20-2023, 06:17 PM   #3
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Re: Blue My Mind

Thanks JAG, I love when I have the time and drive to put these things out.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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