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Re: REVIEW - Kansas City

shit, i posted my review in the wrong thread. my bad.

i guess i'll just copy and paste it here:
overall, best concert i've ever been to. 3teeth wasn't bad, primus rocked (though i feel they should have had more time), and tool blew my mind. they played the extended version of opiate which was better than any extended version i've seen on youtube, though it would have been amazing if maynard could pull of that scream at the end. same with the grudge. but i understand he's got more shows to do this tour and cant destroy his voice...
at the end they said they'd "be back soon." part of me thinks they were just saying it for cheers, like all bands do. but then again, since tool isnt a band to say things they dont mean, another part of me wonders if the new album is gonna be released shortly after this tour, and they'll do another one for the new music. something to think about.
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