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Re: 08.01.09 - Jersey City, NJ @ All Points West Festival

Great show. This was the 4th time seeing Tool for me and the 1st and only time seeing them this tour. This might have been the best one I've seen yet. I was standing next to a regular concert-goer who was seeing Tool for the first time and he was blown away.

I got a little worried with the late start because of the 11:30 closing policy at the venue. They were scheduled to start at 9:45, but went on about 10:05-10:10. They had to condense/omit a few things to get the show done on time. I imagine the crew was a bit stressed out. Perhaps Junior can expand on this.

I thought the sound was great. I was seated about 20 rows back slightly left of center. This was my first time seeing them in an open venue. This is by far the clearest I have heard Rosetta Stoned.

I thought Maynard was very animated. He did a flying yoga pose during Jambi. As usual, he made a few funny comments. He was in a police uniform, which makes sense since he is doing more megaphoning this tour.

I have to agree that Adam was more animated than usual. He's moving around the stage and interacting with the crowd more. At the beginning of Lateralus he made eye contact with someone in the crowd and signaled to them. It must have been a pretty cool moment for that fan.

The lighting was awesome. I have to say that Junior and company have managed to improve on the visuals from 2007. The rear screens are now continuous from one side of the stage to the other, where previously they were separated into four panels. I like the new Alex Grey banner above the screens. It's very primal looking.

I don't know if the show can be ratcheted up any further and for that reason I would like to see Tool do some more stripped down shows for a change, similar to what Nine Inch Nails did after the Lights in the Sky tour.

As for the venue, it was a nice setting, but there were some things they could improve on. If I'm going to pay $5 for a slice of pizza can they at least put a garbage can within a 1/2 mile of the food area?

Also, I thought the people that gave My Bloody Valentine the bird were out of line. I can understand if you didn't like them or they played too loud, but don't ruin it for the people trying to enjoy the show.
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