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Re: 08.01.09 - Jersey City, NJ @ All Points West Festival

After my instincts were realized with the announcement of the setlist after Mile High, I admit I was at first faking my enthusiasm. Heck, This was my 31st show over a span of 13 years, but it's TOOL.
As the date got nearer, the more I began to think of the significance of the songs and the band members, who were going to be near by and play this mantra LIVE and for a reason, and literally standing there, near the mud, like pigs in a wrangle, as the show approached I was enthralled with the moment that was about to occur and witnessing those from other countries and backgrounds witnessing TOOL for the first time.
All good, all the time.

Interesting notes:

Before the show: The croud chears as the apw crew rolls out the sparkle 5 piece drumsterbation kit first, by accident? (Danny's kit rolled out and overwhelmed the stage shortly later ).
Funny lounge tribal jazz pre music and then recording of an man reading in detail the effects of LSD or .
Saw Todd and a hot girl trenching through the mud.

Show time:
Seemed the band played the entire show in a slower tempo, any one else?

TONS of new '3D' video. Every song had new video material or new overlaying on top of original video... awesome to see, and recall, the mutation

BOOTLEG Galore: There was a moment where I was watching video of someone videoing someone videoing TOOL. Get yours while its hot, or get arrested.

GA area by center barrier on D+J's side only dry real estate in immediate area, everrything else was gaping mud pits and smelt like an unkept stable. pig sty.
The Pig Sty theme kinda fit the whole slaughterhouse apocalyptic underlining message TOOL obverses in their entourage and scheme of things. The entire scene reminded me of how Undertow felt back when, any one?

Lost Keys didn't happen, Maynard rapped totally different, not sure if made up on the spot, lyrics through beginning of Rosetta.

The drum off wasn't great The Grudge would (imagine that) be a better display of Dannys ocho arm talent. Maynard pput it best, 'Good job, now get off the stage, and take that fuckin drum kit with you.'

"good night, now don't forget to put your clothes back on. But not you mam, you can keep yours off. Peace out."

VERY awesome soundscape before Vicarious, the croud didn't really sing final lyrics after EPIC overall performance of Vicarious, the whole band hit every note and it was sung really well and played on point through out.

Best poster yet IMO. Saw different print results in the sky color on signed (#337 - dark purple) vs unsigned (#146 - light blue) posters.

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