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Re: 08.01.09 - Jersey City, NJ @ All Points West Festival

Originally Posted by crincled View Post
just got back.

the show setup was amazing. the lights and the whole spectacle. but i thought basically that the show sucked. Tool just doesnt try to connect with the audience... it's all just a parade of (fucking awesome) sound and lights.

so for me it was meh.

PS: tool fans are fucking idiots, srsly.
I looked for ya dude! But no luck. How'd ya like all that mud??

Edit- ah no problems with the mud? Welp, maybe that's just me!

Oh, and btw junior, I saw you a couple of times and was standing right next to the booth. I wanted to say something but you guys seemed pretty strapped for time and working hard to deal with the change over after My Bloody Valentine (Tool went on about 25 minutes late actually). But I'll catch ya one of these days! Oh, and in spite of Maynard's half-assed performance in Aenema, I still love what you do with those red lights during that one.

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