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Re: 08.01.09 - Jersey City, NJ @ All Points West Festival

Hi kids! Let's get this going.

Pretty good show tonight but very loose. May be a little too loose at times but ok. Maynard got completely lost during the "Fuck retro anything" part of Aenema. Danny had a couple of minor goofs too- one in Jambi I definitely noticed- but it was sort of an 'anything goes' kinda night!

There were a lot of good Maynardism's tonight. One in particular to the drummer from Drum Mayhem after his stint in Lateralus "Thanks for coming. Now get the fuck outta here! And take these drums with you. This isn't a storage space!".

Speaking of Lateralus, I noticed that Adam came out and played along with a fair amount of the drum duel. He had some interesting bits in there.

Sound-wise it was your typical outdoor show, although I have heard better. Still, we got a full set (minus Lost Keys) and I'd say I did not hear one negative comment from my New York brothers and sisters about the Tool performance while leaving. Everyone seemed happy.

As for All Points West. One word - MUD! A second word- MUD! A third... you see where I am going with this. Now, I am not exactly sure what anyone at Goldenvoice can do about said mud (sand and rocks on it maybe?) but this is easily the dirtiest damn festival I have ever attended. The line up in general was fine, with some decent performances from the likes of Arctic Monkeys. My Bloody Valentine in particular destroyed during the Sonic Holocaust and, much like I expected, I saw quite a few enraged Tool fans flipping them off. Still, there was a general air of civility to the messy proceedings at this one and I'm glad I went.

Tired now. Maybe more later but a good night. Peace out!