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The Infinite Dimensions of a Venn Diagram (Flower of Life)

Stuck on the inside
of an inverted cone.

I fall further away from my only love.

We started on the other side,
the positive inflection
of a
symmetrical reflection.

Separate yet unknowing
of my love
so far away.

Diametrically opposite
yet descending ever closer
into a triangulated
pinpoint of union.

time has delivered us
through the threshold
to another otherside.

Ascending somehow
into the bowels of a netherworld.
Inside, yet not truly.

Entering the alimentary canal
of a torus tube time-warp.
Inside, yet external.
Being refined by the digestive
processes of this universal organism.

We are separating exponentially.
A slow crawl, backwards,
away from each other.

Yet, in another expanse
of undefined time,
we will cross another threshold
and return
to the apex of the horizon.

Wed and Re-bed.
Weed and Re-seed.

To endlessly relive this beautiful season and to know its beauty even more-so each time.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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