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Re: Safe Haven Sway

I like your revision. It seems developed and more precise.

A walk that starts with raucous
Then quiets to only the far away clamber of mindless industry
Sounds whisk by like a drowned out streamer
As the center becomes more still and
separate from an apparent shell;
a demarcation as subtle
and equally palpable as the silk of a spider.

Is it vogue and is it helping?
Quiet down now, for I am getting near
I see the mouth and I feel the rear.

Daily, I sensed your truth
as you noogied your knuckles
upon my consciousness; yet,
I could not find the joy in this. . .
I cannot find the joy in your game.
So I search for it elsewhere, falsely

I close my eyes
and propel inwards
atop the waves
of your vibrational
knead that gives me
such chaos.

At least I hear your knocking.
And now, going inside, I can float around the out
where the rubbing is quiet and I can take joy
in this insanity.

I like this trip Lateralus. I don't know exactly the direction you are going, but I know what I get from it. Wonderful depth and seamless parallels between nature and the natural mind.

Keep on feeding the beast.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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