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Re: 2006/09/05 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena

Bakersfield was incredibly hot. Me and a friend drove from santa barbara and were totally caught off guard by the heat. Walking around the streets of bakersfield before the show was interesting....not a place where I would like to live or visit often.

At a gas station after the show, as me and a friend consumed munchies in the car, we saw some shady people drive up a few times and talk to random people who immediately departed after some rather suspicious handshakes and hugs...seemed very much like a meth deal. Hooray bakersfield.

As for the show, it was intense. We actually missed the opening band Isis but we had perfect timing for tool: as soon as we stepped into the arena, the first notes of Stinkfist were played. I instantly felt a rush of excitement and we hurried to our seats.

I don't go to many concerts but in my opinion the volume was extremely loud. It helped to make the songs really powerful and visceral but my ears were definitely in some pain.

Lateralus was definitely the highlight of the night for me. This was when they surprised the crowd with the beginning of the laser show, which was stunning. Everyone was really into the song, the effects were great, and the band seemed to be enjoying it as well.

During Vicarious, while maynard repeated "why can't we just admit it?" he randomly said "its the first step" in a really goofy voice.

Overall, the show definitely increased my appreciation for the 10,000 days album. I think the songs were really meant to be heard live, it really made them more visceral and intense sounding.