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Re: 2006/09/05 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena

Just got back from Bakersfield. Jebus, it was hot out there, 97 something at 7pm!
Drove all the way from the LBC with my brother. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt and I was wearing a Ramones shirt (go fig.)

But yea, nice lil road trip, traffic was a bitch on the L.A. freeways but it were used to it. Stopped at the Jack Box and paid 3.50 for gas at the grapevine only to find it cheaper at Bakersfield 2.77. Parking was a breeze and got in the big ass line for GA

The venue itself holds 10,000 but felt less and it was very intimate. Never heard of Isis and it will be a pleasure to see them again this coming friday. Their last song was rawking =]

Crowd was great and I wasnt pushed or shoved at all, we had a good view 100 ft away and chilling on the side railings. The moshers were in their little world and we just ignored them.

Tool came on at 9:05 and the placed just rocked. The highlights were Lateralus, Jambi, Vicarious and Right in Two. Laser show was kool and loved the stage presence from the boys. Maynard was at it again and enjoyed his little dance moves, etc. Justin fawkin rawks with the bass and it was a pleasure to see Danny rock out on the drums. He was wearing a Clippers, Elton Brand jersey. Boys also sat down and appreciated the crowd with the lighter thingy.

All in all, Bakersfield you guys rawked and cant wait to see them again this friday!!! Spiral out =]
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