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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

Me and my (7 months pregnant) girl sat outside for 2.5 hours waiting for tickets. So here's a pregame show for you all. At around 4 something the bus showed up. Security had already been assholes to us (the 30 or so waiting outside in the hope of getting tickets), stupid shit like putting up caution tape to keep us corralled on the sidewalk. When the bus showed up they made everyone move from the ticket line the whole way almost out of the alleyway. I guess they thought we were gonna rush the band or something?

It was raining for most of the day. After they parked the bus in the alley in front of the Orpheum, about 10 minutes later, a long-dark-haired man with a guitar case came out of the bus and walked into the theater. Very few people seemed to notice but I definitely knew it was Adam. A few minutes later, I was walking down the street towards the theater to throw something away in the trash can and he walked out again. I almost ran into him. We made eye contact and he waved at me and the rest of the crowd, there were a few claps and cheers as he walked towards the bus. A few minutes later he came back out and walked into the theater again.

At around 5:45 the line went the whole way from the theater, down the block and around the corner so I guess the staff decided it was time to be uber assholes again. They counted out the first 20 people in line that didn't have tickets, and told the rest of us to get the fuck out (it sucks because we were 21 and 22 in line). They also said that they weren't gauranteeing those 20 people tickets, so I hope you all got them anyway but it didn't sound promising. While the dickhead security was kicking people out of the alley I noticed Danny walking out of the theater towards the bus. Me and my girl were walking away and I looked over and Danny and I stared at each other for about 5 seconds, I am not going to question why he looked at me out of a group of 200 or so people, but he did. I turned and walked off, excited and dissapointed, it was an odd feeling.

It started to downpour about 10 minutes later as we were pulling out of the parking garage.

All in all I guess it was worth the 2+ hours of waiting for the contact I had with the band members, would have been nice to get tickets as my girl had never seen Tool in concert before.