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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

hmmm i posted and it just sort of dissapeared, wow this forum has bugs, anyway....
i was in left balcony and couldn't hear a fucking thing maynard was saying cept for"heard you got flooded...we tried to tell ya" even though just about all the songs i couldn't make out as well, but it didn't really matter, seemed like they were all in a good mood, maynard looked like a badass and was really into it, i noticed his f-up on vicarious but i think he messed up on the pot as well, he did the first line..then kinda hesitated and they just went into the song, other than that they all seemed to be in tune and energetic, as the crowd was insane as expected

the rain/hail before the show was awesome, then one big round of thunder and lightning pumped me up, sorry for my friend everybody in left balcony, he was trippin and was a complete fucking idiot, banging chairs and moving around like an idiot....i just wanted to take it all in and just ignored him

after the show he had wbcn stickers all over his body and was loosing it, but all in all a great fucking time

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