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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

Fuckin' amazing. Placing aside Lollapalooza like 7 years ago, this was my first Tool show, and I'm absolutely in love. Didn't think I could love Tool more than I already did before the show, haha. The setlist was AWESOME, considering that I thought they wouldn't play The Pot AND Right in Two. Absolutely orgasmic. I felt a little outta place 'cause I was like the only blonde chick wearing white, from what I saw, haha. Anyone see me? Had balcony row Q seats, sound was amazing, even though I had a hard time understanding what Maynard was saying. Despite the fucking crazy rain, the waiting in line was kinda fun. The guy in charge, the one who seemed to be on a powertrip, was actually pretty cool and placed me right in front of the line, haha. :D It was great - got to see Adam and Danny when they came in. I'm very jealous of the person who got to meet Adam. If I'd meet ANY of them, I'd die happy.

Danny was fucking insane. I've been to a few rock concerts - NEVER seen a drummer rip it up like that. Maynard looked absolutely smokin', mrowr, and his vocals were out of control. Gave me the chills. Adam and Justin did an amazing job... don't know how they fucking DO that. Argh. Fuckin' tight.

All in all, I'm depressed now that it's over, but fucking overwhelmed. I can't wait till they come back. :)
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