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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

Sound wasn't so great in the far right mezzanine, we couldn't understand a single word Maynard spoke and vocals were overpowered.

Getting my camera in was way easier than trying to use it...unsuccessful...too damn much security near my seat and they were busting people using their camera phones. And this stupid chick in front of me spent half the show text messaging which had security looking our way constantly. YOU'RE AT A CONCERT WATCH THE SHOW OR LEAVE! Ugh...wanted to smack her upside the head, the light from her phone was bright and annoying.

Was glad to see Maynard wasn't "hiding" behind a screen. Clear view of him made up for lack of vocal clarity.

When they were all sitting on the stage "resting" the drum tech was fixing something on the kit.

Oh and speaking of grandmas at the show...well, we were among the oldest in our section...we're 43 & 45...and I'll be loving TOOL when I'm 50 and 60!