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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

Oh, My, god. this was absolutely fucking ridiculous. Yeah Maynard missed a couple of words but other than that i dont think anything else went wrong. This show was fucking amazing. I dont know what else to say other than i should have paid more for this concert. haha. And also i met this chic who knows Maynard( and the band but she seemed to re-iterate that she knows Maynard for some reason) it was cool when she showed me a pic of Maynard and her on her phone. I thought that the mega phone thing was amazing. not only the sound but how he used it, like both the mic and that at the same time.

Adam was crazy it seemed like he was having a great time on stage, at the end of the "inside the outside" tour it looked like he was tired of the whole thing(could be wrong)

Justin was awesome, i especially liked how he was rippin it up at the end of Ænima. Crazy

And of coarse Danny was ridiculously crazy, unbelievable. Im not sure I can say anything else about him. Insane.

I liked the fast middle of schism, never get enough of the "extended" stinkfist.

And to answer someone else's question, during jambi someone gave Maynard a(im not sure of the name) battery pack(?) for the wireless earpiece that he clipped onto his pocket. Someone else can correct the name of that.

Thank You