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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

i can die a happy man/teenager/whatever.

my first tool show.

the setlist, while obviously popular song loaded and somewhat brief, was great. the only dissappointments were the beginning 3-4minutes of rosetta stoned. the megaphone/whatever thing that maynard was using didn't really work well at all. it just sounded like a jumbled mess. the rest of rosetta stoned is great but id rather lose it to get some undertow or another aenima or lateralus song. lost keys and it take up a little too much time for the amount that i like them.

i was way back (row y) in the balcony and the sound was great except the vocals were kind of low. that didn't matter because I knew everything did most hardcore fans there. i can see how somebody not fluent in Tool would dislike the songs they don't know because literally you couldn't hear very much of Maynard's vocals unless you knew exactly what to hear for.

the energy was great. there was a wicked cool guy from TA (im TA too I was wearing a cornell hat and my TA shirt) behind me and the people around us including some guy with a shitload of hair 2 rows up were really into it. there were a few people that didn't seem totally into the concert which is a dissappointment, considering how many hardcore fans didn't score a ticket or couldn't (or wouldn't) pay a premium on scalped/ebayed/brokered tickets. i was balc LC and there was a grandma there. i expected like a younger teenage kid to come and be with her...but nobody came and she was, in fact, alone that was a surprise.

there were a few mistakes but nothing critical. only adam and maynard had a few hiccups that I noticed. the talkbox on jambi worked really well. its great to have heard right in two AND the pot...totally unexpected and a first on the tour. the video during the pot was sick it was just like a smoke cloud. too bad practically nobody was smoking. stupid security. i really sincerely fucking hope tool doesn't play the fleetcenter when they come back around again with their gay ass security and no pit. like i understand smoking in buildings is illegal and smoking pot is illegal but its so fucking annoying that at other cities/venues people can get as stoned as they please and enjoy the concert that much more. it was so hot in there but you really cant complain becuase it must have been so much worse for the band.

i understand the need (in the band's eyes) to play the hits on the warmup tour. honestly, they are too modest ... they are one of the biggest bands of the present day but they were scared they weren't going to be recieved as well as they were. they probably felt the need to supplant the new stuff (advertise/support the album) with old hits to bring everybody back in. the problem w/ that logic is that most tool fans don't really need to be brought back in...we have been in and riding the spiral for fucking ever and are ready to continue. hopefully come the stadium tour we'll get a longer (2hour) set with a more varied set list per venue including different older songs. i know DRT is pretty much out of the question and some of opiate/undertow might not fit with the current songs but that still leaves a lot of possibilities. i hope that if we start to get wings/10k then we see less of rosetta stoned because those 2 take up 40ish minutes of the set and would leave less room for other things. i like rosetta stoned but I just don't see it on the same level as other things they could have played. especially with the way the megaphone thinger worked (badly). it was kind of 3 minutes of everybody standing around wanting to get into the music but having Maynard's ramblings drown out and make for some annoying background noise. If we can get a rosetta stoned that sounds like the album I'm all for it but I don't know if thats possible...

Songs I Need to Hear Live Before I Die:
Lateralus - Check
Magdalena - Check
Third Eye - I'd shit myself. Favorite song ever...
Pushit - Please God/foreign being.
No Quarter - there's always hope.
H. - for some reason I see it happening this fall.

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