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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

Right in Two
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
The Pot
[something electronicky that I didn't recognize]

Probably my favorite Tool show so far...very straightforward in general. Maynard didn't do a lot of talking. After Stinkfist, he asked "where the fuck are we?" and mumbled a bit before heading into Forty-Six&2, and before The Pot he said something about the internet and how "less capable singers" would fail at this song, or something to that effect. [see other reviews below for better quotage] It was nearly impossible to understand what he was saying, especially from the next to last row, so maybe someone from closer in could verify this. In any case, he ended his lil speech with "if I fail, it's because you have failed me" and then went right into The Pot. After that, he simply said "that one goes out to the neighborhood."

After Lateralus, they all sat down on stage and just seemed to enjoy the endless cheering and applause from all of us, who were more than willing to indulge for however long they sat there. Whether or not this was the "end" of the show before the encore or just a breather I don't know. At this point it was about 115║ up in the balcony so I can't be trusted for rational thought. They did some sort of synthesizer-type segue thing which I couldn't match to anything from 10,000 Days and it definitely wasn't anything I had heard from another album, but hopefully someone else can place it. During Vicarious, Maynard did one of my favorite lead singer mistakes and left out almost an entire verse because he got lost ("stare like a junkie.......[excessive pause].....'cause I need to watch things die"), which I'm not sure everyone caught. They had been tweaking about every other song with either extended guitar parts or changed lyrics, so this may have slipped under the radar for the more stoned in the crowd.

In general, the show was a textbook Tool concert, with screens behind the band playing video along with each song, often times from music videos for the singles. Danny wore a basketball jersey (shocking), while Adam and Justin wore their average garb...not that I could really tell, being 5'4" and those two being close to the front of the stage. Maynard, however, was apparently still playing cowboy, and had jeans with a large belt buckle, no shirt, and a straw hat that he occasionally doffed to reveal what looked like a mohawk. He seemed to be in the mood to rock, not chit chat, so he didn't talk much but gave a stellar performance in all cases. Danny's drumming was exceptional, especially in the intricate 10,000 Days and Lateralus stuff, with very solid performances from Adam and Justin. The guitar seemed to be turned up too loud at some points, but it didn't really affect the show. In general, it was a really good time. The Orpheum could use a ventilation system of some kind, but I'm sure all of us had an easier time of it than the band, so I'm not complaining. It was great.

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