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Re: 2006/08/30 - Englewood, CO - Coors Amphitheater

Musically and visually stunning, fabulous warm summer night. Muttonheads singing along to every song except Rosetta Stoned. I had a couple extra tickets that I ended up giving away because I couldn't find any buyers, even at below face. That was cool, I made someone happy and I'm fortunate I won't be going broke over it. I will not be going back to the Coors Amphetheatre. That venue is run by leeches. 45.00 for a tshirt? bullshit! I am suprised the band even played there, it is so unTool-like. You can feel the corporate greed vibes permeating the place. Its set in a business park, for chrissakes. BUT, I saw Tool on a warm summer night. I can get over everything else.
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