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Re: 08.05.09 - Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheatre

Well it's been 12 yrs since my first Tool concert. This being the 4th time.

I am by no means a Tool purist, just a fan of what they stand for and represent with total honesty.

So when I go out to a show I dont go into it with critical senses, just pure absorbing the experience.

I guess I cant say I've ever been let down by a show. It seems as each time I see them, the show is more profound.

I have a question to ask everyone, and wouldnt mind any opinions.

The most moving part of the show for me was about 1/3 of the way into the set during one of the interludes between songs.

Synths are moving along creating a soundtrack atmosphere, the band is in transition. This goes on for about at least 5 minutes. All the screens are are pulsating with vibrant pinks and purples.

Then certain screens start revealing the profile and silhouette of Bill Hicks in his motions for a few minutes then the images start to drift off into colors. During this time the entire place conducts a lighter vigil for Hicks.

I was moved to tears, as it was something I dont think I've ever caught at a show before.

Did anyone catch that or was that me just clobbered off too much fungus.

ps. - sup VAC!