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Re: 08.01.09 - Jersey City, NJ @ All Points West Festival

despite the mud, the mile walk from the light rail to the festival, and the pain in the ass to figure out parking for the light rail, this show was awesome. this was my 11th tool show and they never disappoint. i've had the pleasure of seeing them play lots of different songs over the years, and while there are many songs i'd love to hear them play, i'm always incredibly appreciative to see them live. i don't care if they come out and rock out happy birthday. they are amazing to see live. and this crowd was pretty good (i've been to some tri state area shows where the crowd was filled with some serious dick heads).

the first time i heard them play jambi i wasn't sold on it as a live song, but i've seen it a few more times since and it really is a great opener. i knew they were opening with it for this show as well, was pumped to hear the opening riffs. also was surrounded by several VOCAL appreciative tool fans, we were all breathless waiting for the beginning.

there seemed to be alot of first timers (i was with one as well) and from what i could of the crowd comments around me, they were all so blown away by this show. i thought the sound was pretty good, i could hear maynard clearly through most of the show (i saw on several reviews over the last few weeks that the sound in some of the venues really sucked, was thankful that didn't happen here).

and i thought maynard seemed to be in a pretty good mood. for anyone who posts that they think he's disconnected, doesn't care about the fans, etc....i've seen him (as i'm sure others can attest to as well) where he barely spoke at all, and/or hid behind a screen for most of the show. learn to appreciate, people, lose the expectations. maynard's not really interested, he does his thing :) amazing lights, sound, and overall excellent show. the highlight of my summer.