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One million pixels.

Here there is no grass, birds, trees.
all around is vacancy vacancy
empty space, glazed marbles
prozac, packets of birthcontrol
and the new variety of diet coke and
cigarettes where all the taste
gets through.
Actresses that seem to do everything
and anything and everything and everything,
All, posing for the cameras which are now
All, superior and digital and superior,
(whatever happened to, digital?)
But every picture taken is
of the same thing
and it's waved and it's flashed and
projected produced and projected,
and waved again
from the moment that you're
surgically removed from the womb
so everyone's thinking of the same polaroid,
computer imaging, one million pixels and more
crystal clear than real life, nor
the crumpled ones, in your dirty pockets.
Dying like the day I am recycled
from the age of fifteen, I have said it before
And so now it appears
Everyone's in a rush to go somewhere.
Even in transit.
No one talks to me on the bus
since the invention of the ipod,
Laughs. ''never seems to be enough time
to hear everything on that thing''.
Glances curving round each other
up over and under and through each other
And I feel like I'm treading water
an outsider as my two souls
scream at each other.
Animal and intellectual
how they seem to laugh at each other
then draw beads of blood on a regular basis
Oozing oil sweat like factory labor,
working machines machines machines.
Life and labor, a commodity.
So ''Disconnect'', ''disconnect'',
find a rock, ''disconnect''.
Judge and be judged, and
feel guilty on a pedestal but still
wanting to avoid finding an obvious
quick exit, like, God.
(Comforting. Intellectual. Heroin.)
And trying to swim,
swim, swim and survive,
but we're made to walk
around on the ground and
i must learn to swim before i drown
on my sterile seat thinking
behind a frown that
There is no need for questions
towards people nor me anyway.
No why nor how due to my own,
arrogance definate as the
pulsing throbbing in your veins and
I remember what that stranger said,
'I will sit across from God at his
Poker table.'
You will stare him in the eye.
He will stare back and you will not
flinch nor sigh.
You explained this to me,
a passing pupil in a flashing moment
shattering rays of sunlight
racing down upon us.
But to me that is your heroin,
You're on the ground while I
Swim. Not made for the water
but in the water,
Will I drown? yes I'll drown
but my muscles will first get stronger.

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