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Re: 01.26.2012 - London, ON @ John Labatt Center

Pretty sure Jambi should be in there somewhere, but the list looks pretty good.

Originally Posted by amuteant View Post
Maynard was top notch vocals were crisp and clear. he killed it.
Danny was amazing just like always...especially tweaking the synth after the Lateralus break.
Justin's bass was thick and he had some amazing new riffs in the new track
Adam was amazing like always laying a perfect atmosphere of sound over the core.
Sound was exceptional and our seats were 1st row on the 2nd deck....with wood panel walls and fireplace nightlights it felt like I was seeing Tool in a small bar or living room.
Ticks and Leeches was the highlight for me...Just an amazing set all around. Glad they took some classics off the shelf.
Here is the setlist as my short term memory remembers
- Heartbeat with Blue and Purple light flashing to beat
- Hooker with a Penis
- Ions with electricity visuals
- Stinkfist
- Ticks and Leeches
- Pushit
- Schism - with cool middle part
- JAM - 5min - possible new material sounded killer and very atmospheric - no lyrics yet - sounded sick though!!! (may be in the wrong place)
- Intension
- 46 & 2
- Lateralus - with 3 person drum off (Danny, Drummer from Intronaut and guitarist from intronaut or maybe dannys drum tech)
- 5 min intermission of sound effects left over from the end of Lateralus and Danny comes out and starts to tweak it till a perfect breaking point and then stops. :)
- Aenema
This was my 17th show.....Toronto being the 16th
Tool, I thank you for all the amazing experiences!!!
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