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The Adam Jones Style?

I wonder... Is this a style of Adam Jones's? Because... It appears in a few of his videos. All of the videos (apart from Parabola, at least) move very slowly until near the end. Parabola completely changes into animation at the end, so let's count that one out for now... But some things I picked up from Sober, Prison Sex and Stinkfist, is that they all stay focused on one or two characters, and then towards the end the action starts to speed up, eg. more things happen, conflicts occur, complications arise, even more characters are introduced... This is really confusing sometimes.

Like in Sober, it's just the one man until at the end all the other clay characters appear, in Prison Sex the man of 'meat', the 'catapillar', the mechanical thing with the baby's face, and in Stinkfist there are the people that you see in flashes - the fat man, the guy with the half-face that seems to be trying to use his hands to drum really fast... (I found that guy in particular pritty scary to look at). I didn't notice this in Schism, although I haven't watched it as many times as the other three. But once not too long ago, I remembered the end when the two people become one, and I remembered that was a really huge and amazing part of the whole video, and I was watching it, waiting for that part to come in... This part I think is the coolest and possibly the most important part in the video (in my opinion) and I was waiting and waiting... And I thought, shit when the hell will it turn up?? And I was surprised, it was right at the very end of the video...

I've noticed that happens a lot in T00L videos... They're quite slow in parts and then towards the end, all of a sudden they'll take off, introduce completely new concepts, stories, characters, blah blah blah... Is this the Adam Jones style? What do you guys think of this?

In fact, are there any film makers here that would like to make comments on this?
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