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Re: REVIEW - Jan 6th SF

This was my favorite of the 5 times, because I heard a bunch of stuff I'd never heard before. "No Quarter", "The Grudge", both "Parabol" and "Parabola" together. I even finally got something from Opiate, the title track itself.

This show was the loudest of the times.

And to badisposition, I tried the floor for Tool in 2006. I'm fine with the floor for most shows, but Tool was too much. I was just falling, all the time. I also don't think it's appropriate for fans moshing during 10,000 Days. Since that's a more somber and personal song.

I've done the seats after that, and enjoyed it more, because I could see all of the visuals.

I couldn't see the visuals in 2006, because they were over my head.
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