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Re: REVIEW - Jan 6th SF

wow, sorry it took so long to post a review
i had forgotten my password and just now finally got a
new password so i could post

the show was great, as most of you already know

i came away with the feeling that Tool has a more diverse audience than
ever before, I saw all ages ranging from 10 to 92 at that show
(because I asked) I also saw all different races.
Used to be all white Why is this important?
because Tool's music is STILL gathering new listeners.

I too have a "rant" about that show,
at 55 years old, i should have known better than to go on the floor close to the
stage but I thought I would be relatively safe. Tool fans are smart music lovers.
during the 3 teeth performance in front of me I watched a mosh pit get started
by a mid thirties red haired woman, With her elbows up high, She took a running start and barrelled into the back of some unsuspecting and unlucky fans who had no idea they were about to be in a mosh pit. that mosh pit stayed active mostly because of that woman as she made sure to keep pushing and shoving the crowd around her. Im not sure what her ultimate goal was
maybe this was her ONLY chance of physical contact? unfortunately this set the tone for the crowd on the floor when Tool took the stage.
I managed to stay on my feet during No Quarter, The Grudge,and Parobol/A
it was not an easy thing to do as the crowd swayed side to side ,forward and backwards
many times I got hit hard by elbows and shoulders. I watched people get smacked hard
and then violently retaliate usually resulting in other innocents getting smacked.
the crowd around me kept it going and I saw fear in some peoples eyes and real hatred in others
They paid a $100 so they could literally beat up other people "legally".
I could hear schism being played as i turned and headed towards the back of the floor. as i started feeling like i was going to puke. I didnt but it took me until Danny hit the gong after the fast breakdown part of the song to make it to behind the soundboard area.
I felt much safer there and i felt better about leaving the main floor too. I went Jan 7 too
and stayed up in the Balcony seats. I will review that show too.
Ive been a fan since 1993
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